The GERLUMPH datasets


The κ-γ parameter space coverage of the three high resolution GERLUMPH datasets. Computational time on the GPU-Supercomputer for Theoretical Astrophysics Research, gSTAR , has been/will be used mainly through a merit based proposal scheme judged by the Astronomy Supercomputer Time Allocation Committee (ASTAC) which is a committee of Astronomy Australia Ltd, AAL. GERLUMPH Data 1 (GD1), which covers the parameter space with Δκ,Δγ=0.05, has been completed and some first results are presented in Vernardos et al. (2013, submitted). GD2 targets existing macromodels (Bate & Fluke 2012) and GD3 covers large continuous areas of the κ-γ space with a very fine grid (Δκ,Δγ = 0.01).


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