Mean MPD tool (GD0)

This tool shows variations on the magnification probability distribution (MPD) between different realizations of the same map (for s=0).

For each κ-γ combination selected from GD0 (grey points), there are 15 different map realizations available, each produced with a different set of random microlens positions. The user can select to display each individual magnification probability distribution, and/or the mean and standard deviation from the 15 available distributions. The number of bins of the distributions can be also modified to a maximum of 400 bins.

Selected maps can be further examined by a direct database query, using the "get maps" link.

κ, γ = (,)

κ, γ = (,)
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Individual MPDs
Mean MPD

Cruise in κ,γ parameter space and select values from the GD0 dataset.

Your position on κ,γ parameter space.

The selected nearest κ,γ value from GD0.

Set the number of bins used to generate the MPDs.

Maximum limit 400 bins

Select individual MPDs to display, or use the fill/clear button below.

Display the mean MPD, and/or the ±2σ region.

Query the database for selected κ,γ values (opens the main query tool).

Plot a parameter space property in the background.

An explanation for each background can be found here