Sampled pixels from the GERLUMPH high resolution magnification maps can be colored below using predefined or custom colorbars. The user can dynamically change the colors and their position on the colorbar; the magnification map and its corresponding probability distribution (MPD) are updated in real-time using WebGL.

The list of predefined colorbars has been taken from here. The user can select another map from the GERLUMPH database by clicking the "Change map" button. Click the "Get colors" button to get the RGB values of the generated colorbar in a text file, which can then be loaded in other programs (e.g. IDL).

A list of predefined color tables.

Click to change color, position the color on the colorbar (0 - 1), or remove the color.

Change the colorbar to highlight the distribution.

Add a new random color to the end of the colorbar.

Reset the colorbar to default colors.

Reverse the order of the colors.

Download the RGB values of the colorbar (text file) to use in other programs e.g. IDL.

Slide the arrows to change the color bar.

Select a different map from the database.

Click on the map to download image.

Visit the user created map gallery and support GERLUMPH!

Add your creation to the GERLUMPH map gallery!

Your custom map will be added to the map Gallery!

When ready, a high quality version of your map will be accessible at:

To reuse or modify your custom colorbar, bookmark the following link:


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Thank you for using GERLUMPH!