Probability surface (GD1)

This tool is similar to the MPDs tool, but examines the probability surface with respect to magnification, μ, and smooth matter fraction, s.

The closest values of κ and γ are returned from the GD1 dataset. The probability surface and contours are shown in the image. The levels that the contours are drawn can be adjusted to better depict the shape of the surface. A number of 100 bins for the MPDs is sufficient to highlight the features of the probability surface.

Selected maps can be further examined by a direct database query, using the "get maps" link.

κ, γ = (,)

κ, γ = (,)
» get maps

Your position on κ,γ parameter space.

The selected nearest κ,γ value from GD1.

Set the number of bins used to generate the MPDs.

Maximum limit 400 bins

The contour levels to draw (in log P).

Has to be a list of coma separated negative numbers.

Cruise in κ,γ parameter space and select values from the GD1 dataset.

Query the database for selected κ,γ values (opens the main query tool).

Plot a parameter space property in the background.

An explanation for each background can be found here